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Unstoppable Mastermind delivers high-level tools and laser-focused direction on the exact steps you need to transform your work and daily life into the blissful, soul-satisfying, energizing reality you crave!


"Unstoppable mastermind took me from feeling stuck in my career and hopeless to make the changes I craved, to now feeling confident in pursuing the opportunity I want! Every woman in this exceptional group learned to love themselves more deeply, and thus bring more love into the world!" - Kris Warren, Therapist


"What you get from this 90-day mastermind is precisely what is missing from other programs---your PURPOSE and what makes you uniquely different!! Stop running in circles, feeling like something is missing on your professional journey, no matter what you do. Discover confidence, clarity and tools for results with this mastermind!" - Erin Browder, Educator at Johns Hopkins University


"Working with Nicole has really catapulted my growth and sense of direction....a love-infused personal and professional growth experience in which the only danger is not dreaming big enough!" - Jacqueline Steenhuis, Founder + Coach at Transforming Shape


"Nicole focuses on rewiring your fight or flight reactions to a positive physical and emotional response that you can make more expansive decisions from, and she is incredibly energetically gifted." - Marisol MacGregor, Curator at Culture Lab X

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+ Are you currently experiencing self-sabotage (aka not following through with action on what is important to you)?

+ Is feeling burned out, bored or lacking focus keeping you from making the changes you want as fast as you want them?

+ Do you crave transformation of a deeply-rooted pattern or bad habit around your self-care, work/life balance or career satisfaction?

+ Do you wish you could unleash a fountain of high-level energy, productivity and creativity from within anytime you need it?

+ Are you ready to create monumental and permanent shifts in your thought patterns, emotional responses, energy levels and results-driving actions within 90 days?


I guarantee this mastermind will deliver beyond your expectations! You'll get:
- 12 weeks of 90-min video group laser-coaching calls
- Video/audio downloads of each call replay
- Your Next BIG Move 10-Day Bootcamp (enrollment price of $500) free, to clarify and discover your unique genius, impact, meaningful message, the problem you were hard-wired to solve, your practical solutions and how to put them all together to create unstoppable, meaningful work you love for life!
- My juiciest, most effective mind-body tools and game-changing personal development exercises that I have used daily over the last 10 years to create soul-satisfying work, relationships and life that is blissful beyond imagination!
- 1:1 laser-coaching and personalized strategy on every call
- Massive momentum-inducing weekly homework and action challenges!
- Mega-accountability, livestreams and up-leveling in our private FB group
- Limited space for only 6 more women this round (begins Nov. 1st, 2017)!
- ONE-TIME BONUS: Sign-up before October 21st and score 3 additional 30-min 1:1 coaching calls with me to be used ANYTIME you want!
- BONUS: Extra week (13 weeks total) of group video session and support!
- BONUS: Experience the unique genius, support and high-level know-how from of members every week through roundtable style discussions and trainings

LEMME UPGRADE YA: Add 2- private 1-1 calls with me (30-mins each) each month--> Sign up here.

As a scientist and educator working in a top-ranked cancer center in the country, I believe that people like Nicole Casanova are highly needed for our society to become a better place for everyone. I have known her for over almost a decade, and I have worked with her in the past at multiple levels. Nicole has committed to a mission of bringing the human side into the tech world. I have first-hand experience of the care and inspiration for change that she provides through her work.
— Carlos Lopez, Professor, Vanderbilt Medical School

Sign up before October 21st, 2017 and get 3 BONUS 30-min private laser-coaching calls with me!

*As soon as you purchase the program, your spot will be instantly reserved. You will then be put on the exclusive list of unstoppable, beautiful go-getters who are in! You will receive your first free training (from Your Next Big Move Bootcamp) starting the very next morning after purchasing.

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Nicole patiently focuses my attention on what I need to work on at the moment in order to grow and be strong, resilient, and happy. And she does this in a such a kind, gentle and non-judgmental way. I have learned so much about myself and become so centered since I started working with her.
— Judith Boyajian, Attorney, City of San Francisco
I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to engage in growth and discovery in their lives. Nicole has a wealth of experience and expertise in mental health and healing and leads her sessions with infectious enthusiasm and passion. She uses a holistic approach and helps individuals build stability and strength in 5 pillars of well-being. She also uses a large variety of exercises like affirmations, dyad exercises, free writing, drawing and dance movements to help professionals connect to their team and the world by tapping into their individual strengths.
— Su Iyer, Engineer at Google
What impressed me most was the range of activities used. The work engaged so many parts of myself – the creative mind, the analytical mind, the physical body, the breath.
— Adam Kaufman, LCSW
I am in awe of how deep we went so quickly and how adept you are at what you do.
— Robin Taylor, Medical Professional
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If you are a professional looking to develop and grow into an incredible leader (at work and at home), I highly recommend hiring Nicole! I have had the pleasure to work with Nicole and was blown away with her strategic and goal-oriented vision to help professionals develop into better leaders. Nicole has a way of showing you that even when your life is all tangled, there is a way to step back, make a meaningful plan and move forward.
— Amanda Argue, Owner at the Argue Co.


You’ll receive full access to me while in the program with unlimited check-ins and support via our secret Facebook group including weekly livestreams in addition to our weekly 90-minute group coaching video call.

  • YES! I want to be in your Unstoppable Mastermind Nicole! I understand that by joining today, I will claim and unearth my unique life's meaningful work and I will propel myself full-speed ahead towards it! 
  • YES! I understand that while I’m a member I’ll receive a brand new and cutting edge training every week to claim my life's meaningful work and propel myself into high-level action, spanning everything from Traditional Chinese Medicine, dissolving unwanted emotions, visualization, astrology, meditation, dance, creative expression, action challenges and clarifying your unique purpose, impact and message based exactly on what Nicole used to pull herself out of all 5 dimensions of survival mode, all with accompanying step-by-step homework so I can actually WITNESS my life become UNSTOPPABLE week by week!
  • YES! I understand that I will receive life-time access to the exercises through weekly recordings I get to keep of our training videos.
  • YES! I understand that I’ll be able to go behind the scenes in Nicole's life, relationships, health and business to learn exactly how she created meaningful soul-satisfying work, relationships that uplift her towards her meaningful work, deep emotional stability and how she keeps it all going!

Sign up before October 21st, 2017 and get 3 BONUS 30-min private coaching calls with me!

*As soon as you purchase the program, your spot will be instantly reserved. You will then be put on the exclusive list of unstoppable, beautiful rebels who are in! You will receive your first free training (from Your Next Big Move Bootcamp) starting the very next morning after purchasing.

Nicole’s leadership and nurturing created a safe and loving environment that allowed for space, time, expression and exploration. Her intuition and ability to lead you through the physical state of your body and emotional state of your mind, is unmatched. I walked in imbalanced by life and walked out feeling whole again. Thank you Nicole for always helping me expand beyond myself.
— Jackie Garrido, Onboarding Program Manager, Facebook