Coaching Programs

1: Set magic in motion and get me all to yourself in our 1:1 Deep Dive Program.

Hand over your feelings of 'not-enoughness' and we will transform your life and work into enough, forever. To sign-up, simply book an application call here. 


pOLISHED Founder

This program is 90-days of breakthroughs, activation and clarity of what makes you uniquely valuable to the world. You will claim your life's work based on discovery of your Star Strength, Brilliant Impact, Meaningful Message, the problem you solve and your unique solutions, and start loving the heck out of what makes you so brilliant instead of hiding it. We will plug up any leaky drains on your energy in your day-to-day (physical, emotional, relationships, material). 

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2: Train your body and mind to become Unstoppable! Magnetize the right people, fuel your vitality and deliver your fullest and most meaningful impact on the world in 90-days!

Score unstoppable momentum, clarity and breakthroughs to create work you love in action, step-by-step by undoing your roadblocks and re-writing your automatic patterns. This action accelerator and group coaching mastermind kicks-off every 3-months with a men's mastermind and a women's mastermind!

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3: Discover Your Next BIG Move in our 10-Day bootcamp for professionals ready to claim meaningful work that rocks your soul.

A strategic and fast-paced bootcamp combining online training and 1:1 coaching calls to achieve massive clarity, propel you into clear action and help you fully claim your life's most exciting and meaningful work!

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