Workplace Training

Extraordinary work originates at the level of the individual and comes from an understanding of what makes that individual uniquely valuable.

Our Polished workplace training differs from other employee wellness and productivity programs because our goal is not simply to increase sales numbers and engagement (though we do that too!). Our focus is on reconnecting team members to meaningful purpose for serving your company. When we hit this mark, the results for productivity, engagement, communication and innovation far exceed expectations!

Rather than teaching a one-size-fits-all wellness curriculum, we emphasize harnessing attention onto the wellness dimension that will leverage the fastest results for each individual, found through a stress diagnostic tool.  We are also big-time believers in engaging take-home work and fun, out-of-your-chair team-building exercises. 

Praise for Workplace Training

Nicole led a session at Facebook called “Five Foundations of Stress Hacking”. The session provided participants with engaging and practical tools to cultivate self-awareness, emotional intelligence and wellness. Nicole’s energy was great and she created an environment of openness that gave participants a forum to be open and honest. We look forward to future sessions with Nicole.
— Jackie Garrido, Onboarding Program Manager at Facebook
Nicole has great insight and fun, positive energy, and was able to design a training program for my company and producers that helped them reflect & grow in all areas of their lives. I highly recommend Nicole for any company or organization that wants to make a special impact on your employees or members!
— Christopher Branson, Regional Sales Coordinator at Aflac
I would highly recommend Nicole for personal and business services, her tools are unique and valuable! Nicole listened to what we wanted, and then guided us through solidifying our mission and values remotely, as well as how to actively model and encourage those in others. The transformation was so true and deep, that it affected us on a personal level too! We’re now three months into our program, and we are already seeing the benefits in our staff and ourselves. We have more trust, cohesiveness, and open communication. Personally, I find myself happier, more fulfilled, and feel more confident in my personal strength.
— Maggie Murphy, Director at Wax That, Austin, TX
The weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. Nicole is wise beyond her years. After her first workshop for my staff, my mind was blown and I immediately knew that she was onto something BIG. From all our coaching work, one of the biggest impacts was on my marriage (my husband is also on the team). Working with Nicole has really brought us closer together. For the first time in my life, I feel I can go out without any make-up! I feel confident and shining from within. Nicole, I truly wish that you and your work just blow up because the world needs you.
— Johnnia Davis, Executive Director, Serenity House
I benefited from Nicole’s classes at my company Macys. She covered 5 dimensions of well-being and the 3 modes that one is in and laid the foundation very well. She gave invaluable tips like the cleansing fast (for physical) and several tips related to spiritual and relationships that were more useful to me. Also, she involved the group to participate and discuss / share experiences, priorities, etc. The entire group benefited.
— Dev Mhaiskar, Senior Quality Engineer at
Nicole came in to Facebook to give a seminar on stress management and it was really helpful. She had activities lined up and various mental exercises that she taught to the group. Her training and expertise were evident, and I’m really glad that I was able to attend!
— Alex Wu, Content and Social Media Specialist at Faceook